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Realização Braxil Filmes:





BARBARA PAZ (presence confirmed)

Bárbara Paz was born in Campo Bom, Rio Grande do Sul. From a humble family, he began working at the age of nine years selling sculptures of plaster, to help support his family. To the twelve, has been acting as apprentice in a shoe factory. He has also worked as a seller of shoes. A few years later, got a job in an ad agency, as a secretary. The youngest of four sisters, lost his father at the age of six years old, an alcoholic, a victim of cirrhosis, and the mother at the age of 17, who died of kidney failure and pulmonary embolism, complications that carried from the difficult birth that had Barbara, passing the years between comings and goings in the hospital. With the hospitalization, the longest of his mother, Barbara, left his job in the agency, and went on to take care of her all the time, only was out of office from the hospital to go to school, or to pass quickly in the house. A kidney transplant could save her mother, but she did not allow any of the daughters would prepare to help her, didn't think it was fair. After his death, Barbara found himself alone. Just lived it and the mother in the small house, because his sisters had already married. Suffering with the memories of his mother by the residence, did not want to stay there alone, and in your city there were no prospects of a good future. In this same year of 1991, still a teenager, took the money saved that he had, and went to live in the City of São Paulo, with some friends, willing to share a rental of an apartment, and try to career of model or actress. As soon as he came to the city, got a job of secretary in a university, and it was going to do a actress at the School of Teatro Macunaíma, also in the Centre of Theatre Research (CPT), Antunes Filho, forming in a few months.

Looking for a job in the field of fashion, has managed through agencies some posts, and paraded for magazines, participated in fashion editorials and trade shows exhibition. In the Christmas of that year, six months after arriving in the Capital of são paulo, Barbara and her friends drank and decided to take the road back to the South, to look for relatives and to spend the new year. However, the car hit a tree and a pillar fell on a vehicle. This accident extreme left Barbara in a coma and on the verge of death. The beating left several deep scars - two of them in the face, on both sides. Took 400 points, which made them lose many jobs as a model and actress. Came back to Campo Bom, where he could count with family support, and psychological. The makeup has become part of your daily life, since it had no financial conditions to make a plastic, and or his face was fully healed for this.

In 1992 he returned alone to São Paulo, he began to do the journalism course, in 2001 he participated in the first edition of the reality show House of Artists, to promote the SHOW, having been the winner and received a prize of 300 thousand reais. In 2003 she received the best actress award for short film at the 31st Festival of Gramado, in the field of disposable Product. Since then, it's success and prominence as an actress in television, in theater and cinema. In recent years he has dedicated his career as a director in the documentary about the deceased husband, director Hector Babenco.


BRUNA LOMBARDI (yet to confirm)

Model, actress, and writer. The daughter of the photographer and Italian filmmaker Ugo Lombardi and actress Turkish Yvonne Sandner Lombardi, Bruna studied at the Colégio Dante Alighieri, and graduated in two faculties, FAAP and ESPM. In 1967 he began working as a model. His debut on tv was in 1977, in the telenovela Without Handkerchief, without Document, Mário Prata, by the rede Globo. In 1978 it was for the TV Tupi to work in the soap opera Aritana, where she met the actor Carlos Alberto Riccelli, her husband. Bruna returned to the Globo Network to act in the miniseries, Avenida Paulista, 1982, written by Daniel Bad and Leilah Assumpção, and, in 1983, she played Patricia in Crazy Love, soap opera, written by Gilberto Braga. In 1985 he served as Reinaldo Diadorim in the miniseries Grande Sertão: Veredas, of the Globe. In 1986 she starred in the miniseries the Memoirs of a Gigolo and the soap opera Wheel of Fire. In 2002 he made the series of the Globe and The Fifth of the Underworld as the White Camargo. In 2005 he worked as a writer and as an actress in the film Under the Sign of the City, directed by her husband and shot in São Paulo. And roteirizou the feature films: Love in Sampa, and Where Is the Happiness?


LEANDRA LEAL (yet to confirm)


Began in theatre at the age of seven and on television eight years ago, when he was on the last chapter of the soap opera Pantanal, where his mother also worked. In 1994 he participated in the mini-series Confessions of Teen, broadcasted by TV Cultura, and by the Band, with the character Mariana, but her first prominent role in television was in the soap opera " Explode coração, with the character Yanka, a gypsy who falls in love with the suitor of her older sister. Was awarded national and internationally, with only 13 years of age, by their interpretation in The Oyster and the Wind, his first film, where he played straight man with big actors, such as Lima Duarte and Fernando Torres. In long, he assumed the role of a girl who fell in love by the wind. Also in 1997 he participated in the first phase of the novel The Untamed, and the following year, she joined the cast of the remake of the soap opera Sin Capital. He has worked with important brazilian directors, like Walter Lima Jr. Jorge Furtado, Murilo Salles, Paulo Cesar Saraceni, Julio Bressane, Sérgio Rezende, Moacyr Góes, and José Eduardo Belmonte, and created, at 18 years, his own production company, called The Three Girls, engaged in the events of the socio-cultural.

In 2000 she starred in the miniseries The Wall, and after the novel The Carnation and the Rose, in both emerging quite prominently. In 2002, he participated in the miniseries, the Pastors of the Night and, in 2003, was present in a season of children's Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo. Also got to participate in some episodes of the series A Grande família, as Viviane, one of the girlfriends of Tuco. In 2004, he worked on the novel Lady of Destiny, 2004, won the sympathy of viewers by hitting the front with the villain in Nazareth, lived by Renata Sorrah. Later that year, he took part in the movie Cazuza - Time doesn't Stop, as Bebel, best friend of the singer. In the theater, wrote, directed and produced the play Impressions of my Room, with Bianca Gismonti, in 2005. In addition to participating in the mounting of Antonio Pedro of the national classic If you Run the Beast Catches, If you Stay the Beast Eats, Truffle, Tonio Carvalho, and Friendliness of Renata Melo. In 2006 he joined the cast of Zuzu Angel and acted in the soap opera Pages of Life. In the following year was Camila, the protagonist of the movie Name Itself, directed by Murilo Salles, based on the work Machine Pinball Clara Averbuck. As a producer, has held several concerts in the theater of your family — Teatro Rival — as seu Jorge, World Free SA, Los the slimy bastards Postizos, Cordel do Fogo Encantado and Paula Lima. In 2008 she starred in the remake of Ciranda de Pedra, as Elzinha. At the end of the year, he made his debut in the direction of the theatrical spectacle Goods and the Future, with José Paes de Lira. In 2009 he was one of the protagonists of the series Boccaccio - The Comedy of Sex, alongside names like Deborah Secco, Lázaro Ramos, Daniel de Oliveira and Drica Moraes, among others. In 2010 he played Agostina, one of the protagonists of the soap opera Passione. In 2011 he was part of the cast of the film We are Together, participated in the last chapter of the novel Foolish Heart, and also participated in a framework of the Fantastic called The History of Love, in which she played 64 different characters on the side the actor Daniel de Oliveira. In 2012, she was in the episode The Sexóloga of the Island of the series as Brasileiras. In the same year, Leandra starred in the soap opera Full of Charm, interpreting the dreamer Mary of the Rosary. In the novel, came to sing some songs. In 2013, he lived the veterinary Zélia, the central character of Saramandaia. In 2014, climbing to interpret Cristina in the Empire, the novel of Aguinaldo Silva. In 2016 was in the air in the miniseries Justice, where he plays the ambitious Kellen, a character that for the first time explores a more sensual Leandra. Is flagship unit carnival the Cordon of the Black Ball. Debut in direction with the documentary about transformistas Divine Divas, which has its name taken from the piece of the same title — that has a staging that is included in the film — starring Rogéria. Partially funded by crowdfunding, hit theaters in 2017, and marks the trajectory of Leandra as the director.

HELENA IGNEZ (presence confirmed)

Helena Ignez has been honored in Asia and Europe for more than 50 years in the various fields of theatrical and cinematographic arts, such as the 20th Friborg International Film Festival in Switzerland with the "La Femme du Bandit" Show with 25 of her films, at the 17th Festival of Kerala in India, with 6 films in which she worked as an actress or director and was the 2017 honoree of the
Brazilian Cinema. Helena Ignez made her first film with Glauber Rocha, as an actress in the "Pátio" in 1959. She made numerous New Cinema films, such as "The Great Fair", "The Scream of the Earth", "Assault on the Paying Train" and the Girl. " He began his creative partnership with Rogério Sganzerla in 1968 and acted in almost all of his films. She
directed the films "Reinvention of the Street", "The Miss and the Dinosaur - Backstage of the Belair", "Song of Baal", "Light in the Darkness" - "Return of the Bandit of Red Light", "Ugly, Me? dos Acids "selected for the 67th Locarno Film Festival in 2014," Ossos "and
"Ralé", screened at the 34th Filmfest Munchen in 2016. His new feature, The Moça do Calendario, Rogério Sganzerla's original screenplay, will be released in theaters in the second half of 2018.


LIZ MARINS (presence confirmed)


The character and the author become blurred in the case of Liz Marins and LIZ VAMP. The daughter of filmmaker José Mojica Marins, creator of Zé of the Coffin, she uses her talents as an actress, writer and director to give life to Liz Vamp – character, the daughter of Joe of the Coffin with a comet and tresloucada vampire English. In addition to the beings of the canine sharp – vampires, Liz
writes poems and short stories about the dark universe of the living dead and other representatives of darkness. He has directed such short Appearances. The author has integrated volume Chronicles the Terror of Joe of the Coffin, written by her, the father and the brother, Crounel, and the Black Book of the Vampires, a gathering of tales from authors several.


Homenagem  América Latina (Represented by Vânia Catani)


One of the most forerunner directors of cinema today, in the world. Lucrécia Martel was born on December 14, 1966, in the province of Salta, Argentina. During adolescence he liked to film his numerous family, but never thought that he could get to study cinema. In 1986 he moved to Buenos Aires to attend the School of Communication Sciences. It realized some short ones, among them Rey Muerto, that received several prizes in international festivals. In the following years he made documentaries and a children's black humor program, which received awards from Argentine critics. 1999 received the Sundance / NHK Filmaker Award for the screenplay of La Ciénaga (The Swamp). Already as a consecrated director, in 2004, she participated in the Official Exhibition of the Cannes Film Festival with her second feature, La Niña Santa, which features the executive production of the brothers Almodóvar, from ELDESEO Producciones, her last film ZAMA, 2017, is a Brazilian production with Vânia Catani as producer.


MARIANA AYDAR (confirmed presence)

Mariana is honored at this Festival for her daring and enterprising profile, and for the beautiful result of her first documentary film as director - about the life of the singer and songwriter forró "Dominguinhos". She is a singer and songwriter and signs a contemporary and sophisticated work with roots in song, samba and northeastern music. Visceral, it is on stage that the artist stands out. Already sang with several names like Elba Ramalho, Mart'nália, Maria Gadú, João Donato, Gilberto Gil, Alcione and Criolo. With four albums released, she signed as the founder and director of a documentary about the work of Dominguinhos and released some singles like "Te do a Cafuné" and "Eu Te Amo Você". After an acclaimed debut at the Sao Paulo street carnival with her Forrozin block, Mariana continues to express all the heat and intensity of her Northeastern vein towards the fifth album.



PETRA COSTA (yet to confirm)

An actress since she was 15 years old. He graduated in Anthropology from Barnard College, Columbia University, New York. He completed his Masters in Community and Development at the London School of Economics. Prior to ELENA, Petra directed and produced The Short Eyes of Hangover, a poetic portrait about love and aging told from the perspective of her grandmothers. In 2009, Olhos de Hango was selected and screened at several festivals in Brazil and abroad, winning important prizes in nine, among which the best short film at the Rio Festival and the London International Documentary Festival (LIDF) , best short documentary at the Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (United States), and special jury prize at the Gramado Festival. With ELENA, her first feature film, Petra repeats the experience of using as raw material an extremely personal story, this time about love and loss, and transposing it to the screen in a delicate and poetic way. In 2012, ELENA was screened at the São Paulo International Film Festival, at the Directors' Week (Rio de Janeiro), at the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) and at the National Cinema Festival in Brasilia, where she won the directing awards , editing, direction of art and best film by the popular jury, always in the documentary category. Petra graduated in Anthropology from Barnard College, the free college of arts at Columbia University in New York. He has a master's degree in Community and Development at the London School of Economics in London. From the age of 15, she works professionally as an actress.


RAQUEL HALLAK (presence confirmed)

Member and director of the Universe Production since its creation in 1994, operates in the development of avant-garde projects and in the implementation of programs socio-cultural, tourist and business.

Founding member of the Instituto Cultural Universe in operation from 2007.

Member of the Business Council of Culture of the Commercial and Business Association of Minas gerais.

Member of the Chamber of the Audiovisual System FIEMG

Initiator and general coordinator of the Cinema without Borders – international programme on the audiovisual which brings together all the developments of the film that the Universe Production promotes in Brazil, with highlight to the Film festival of Tiradentes (focus on the contemporary brazilian film), the CineOP – Mostra de Cinema de Ouro Preto(film heritage) and Shows CineBH (cinema on the market).

Initiator and coordinator of the program Cine-Expression that offers activities that unite the languages, culture and education and the Class of the Popcorn program – and characters with acting playful and informative.

Coordinator of the Brazil CineMundi – International Coproduction Meeting – event of the audiovisual market that features the brazilian film independent for the global industry.

Founder of the House of the Shows the – venture that invests in training, research, content sharing and actions to promote the audio-visual sector in dialogue with the arts.

Creator of the program Global Action partnership of Sesi and the Network Globe.


Promotes editions of the annual, Program, Audiovisual Training, which includes workshops of culture, conversation groups and Seminars with emphasis on reflection, promotion and diffusion of brazilian cinema in exchanges with other countries.

It provides consultancy in the segment of cultural, communication and marketing and serves in the implementation of public policies and business-oriented segment of the culture and audiovisual.



SARA SILVEIRA (presença confirmada)

Sara é atualmente uma das mais ativas produtoras de filmes no país. Em 1991 fundou a empresa produtora Dezenove Som e Imagens, junto ao cineasta Carlos Reichenbach, e desde então, administra em parceria com a também produtora Maria Ionescu.
Durante esses anos seus projetos acumularam muitas premiações. Alma Corsária / Bucaneer Soul (1994) e Bicho de Sete Cabeças / Brainstorm (2000) foram premiados com o Troféu Candango por Melhor Filme no Festival de Cinema em Brasília. Durval Discos / Durval Records ganhou o Kikito em Gramado de 2003. Cinema Aspirinas e Urubus / Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures ganhou o National Educational Prize no Festival de Cannes de 2005, o Un Certain Regard e também foi o Brazilian Official Entry para Melhor Filme de Língua Estrangeira no Oscar de 2007.
Ela já recebeu apoio através de parcerias internacionais em diversas produções e gosta de trabalhar com projetos de novos talentos. Como pode ser visto com Beto Brant (Matadores, Ação Entre Amigos), Laís Bodanzky (Bicho de Sete Cabeças), Anna Muylaert (Durval Discos, É Proibido Fumar), Marcelo Gomes (Cinemas, Aspirinas e Urubus), Monique Gardenberg (Ó Pai Ó), Insolação, por Daniela Thomas e Felipe Hirsch, Os Famosos e os Duendes da Morte, por Esmir Filho, e Ponto Org, por Patricia Moran.

Com seu parceiro e amigo Carlos Reichenbach, ela já produziu “Alma Corsária”, “Dois Córregos”, “Garotas do ABC”, “Bens Confiscados” e “Falsa Loura”.

Entre seus mais recentes filmes produzidos estão: “As Boas Maneiras”, de Juliana Rojas e Marco Dutra, selecionado pelo Festival de Rotterdam 2017, premiado no Festival do
Rio como Melhor Filme, entre outras várias participações nacionais e internacionais; “Vazante”, de Daniela Thomas, selecionado pelo Festival de Berlim – Panorama Special 2017; “Pela Janela”, de Caroline Leone, selecionado pelo Festival de Rotterdam – secção Bright Future 2017, onde recebeu o prêmio da crítica FIPRESCI, e no festival Film Fest
DC, onde foi premiado com o Circle Awards, prêmio da seleção especial do júri; “Mãe só há uma”, de Anna Muylaert, filme selecionado pelo 66º Festival de Berlim, na secção Panorama; “Os Amigos”, de Lina Chamie, filme selecionado a participar da competição oficial do 41º Festival de Gramado, além de sua seleção em outros vários festivais nacionais, incluindo o Festival do Rio em 2013; “Avanti Popolo”, contemplado no
Festival de Roma de 2012 com o prêmio de Melhor Filme da Mostra CinemaXXI; “O que se move”, premiado como Melhor Filme na IV Semana dos Realizadores; “Trabalhar Cansa”, que participou da sessão Un Certain Regard do Festival de Cannes, “Girimunho, de Helvécio Marins Jr. e Clarissa Campolina, que atendeu ao 68º Festival de Veneza; “Os Famosos e os Duendes da Morte’, que participou no Festival de Locarno em 2009 e na Competição Oficial da Mostra Generation do Festival de Berlim.


TÂNIA MONTORO (presença confirmada)

Pionera do Curso de Cinema da Universidade de Brasília (UnB). Montoro é doutora em cinema e televisão  pela Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB,) e pós-doutora pelo Instituto de Cinema de Amsterdã. Também é professora de Teoria e Linguagem de Cinema da UNB, foi conselheira nacional dos direitos da mulher (1985- 1989) coordenou o Lobby do Batom, lutando pela equidade de gêneros, Trabalhou  como curadora do maior festival de cinema brasileiro (Festival de Brasília) nas últimas duas décadas. Orientou dezenas  de mestrados e de doutorado sobre cinema latino-americano. Cidadã honorária de Brasília e membro fundador da Sociedade de Estudos de Cinema e do Núcleo de Estudos da Violência da UNB. Publicou oito livros e dezenas de artigos distribuídos entre revistas científicas e de cultura.Realizadora de audiovisual com premiaçoes no Brasil e exterior. Participa de juris em festivais no Brasil e exterior.


VÂNIA CATANI (presença confirmada)


Vania Catani iniciou sua carreira no final da década de 80 com o vídeo independente ao lado de uma nova geração de realizadores que surgiu em Belo Horizonte. A partir da segunda metade da década de 90, com a Retomada do Cinema Brasileiro, voltou-se para a produção cinematográfica, sempre mantendo um interesse particular pelo mercado independente. Em 2000, já instalada no Rio de Janeiro, fundou a BANANEIRA FILMES, produtora independente que desenvolve, produz e lança projetos ousados e de grande qualidade artística. Reconhecidos no Brasil e internacionalmente, os filmes produzidos pela Bananeira já foram exibidos em cerca de 390 festivais em 48 países e receberam
até o momento mais de 180 prêmios.


JULIANIO POZATI (presença confirmada)

Homenagem Novas Ideias


Pozati é escritor, documentarista e entusiasta de novas ideias que inspirem a quebra de paradigmas obsoletos nas áreas da espiritualidade, ciência, filosofia e ufologia. Publicitário desde 1999, Juliano é formado em Marketing e Pós-Graduado em Estratégia Militar para Gestão de Negócios pela Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP). Fundou a Pozati Filmes em 2014 com profundo desejo de atuar de forma proativa na evolução do ser humano e na transformação do mundo como o conhecemos, em um mundo bem melhor. Sua missão é produzir e distribuir conteúdo audiovisual inteligente, exclusivo e de alta qualidade, sempre com o objetivo de fomentar a transformação, para melhor, das pessoas que atingir. Seu primeiro documentário e livro, produzido e escrito em parceria com os amigos Fabio Medeiros e Rebeca Casagrande, foi o Data Limite segundo Chico Xavier. Traduzido em 7 idiomas e assistido por milhões de pessoas, o documentário não chegou a 202 países do globo terrestre por acaso.


RAMON NAVARRO (presença confirmada)

Homenaje Prohibido Nacional

Ramon Navarro es de Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, guionista, actor, director, dibujante y animador de sus personajes. Él es llamado por los amigos más cercanos y por sus equipos de trabajo de "Ramondóvar", debido al estilo, temas y colores de sus películas, bien "Almodóvar". El Festival presenta sus polémicas y galardonadas películas - prohibidas, así como todo de él, genial. En la película "DIVINOS", ustedes ver un sofisticado trabajo de actores y dirección; en "Frank va a Hollywood", hay un humor satírico e inteligente ... cada película, con su personalidad!




Homenaje Prohibido Internacional (Presencia deseado)

Nombre que dispensa presentaciones, prohibido por los contenidos que aborda, por los mensajes de provocación a la sociedad, y explorar mundos vírgenes ...

Es nuestro homenajeado pues es un conquistador de nuevos caminos; creó un mercado de realización cinematográfica, exhibición y distribución de películas paralelas a Hollywood, y tuvo éxito mundial.

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