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Trancoso, located in the South of Bahia, is a quiet, charming, preserved village, with a young and globalized frequency.

Founded at the beginning of the Portuguese colonization by the Jesuits as an indigenous village for the catechization of the Indians under the name of St. John of the Indians. 

A few years ago, it ceased to be the rustic and isolated village, discovered by the hippes in the 70's to become the tourist destination of the educated and VIPs of the world. The calm is still in the air, but now mixed with the village way. 

The Square, the wide square in the center of the village, framed by colorful houses and the white church in the background, remains the heart of the place and where everything happens. In the simple and colorful houses of the Square, today there are bars, restaurants, stylish inns, craft shops and famous designer boutiques. 

All the charm of this village is surrounded by beautiful beaches and an exuberant nature with a mild climate all year round.

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